The Bangsamoro National Solidarity Movement or BANGSA is an activist organization advancing the cause of the Bangsamoro people for national self-determination and democracy through mass actions and struggles. BANGSA will serve as a vehicle for the advancement and development of a new, independent, dynamic, progressive and democratic Mass Movement of the Bangsamoro people.




1) The Moro people’s struggle for Right to Self-Determination remains valid and significant today as it was centuries ago because it rests in a sound politico-socio-historical context.

2) The struggle of the Moro people for self-determination had already reached a level of recognition both domestically and internationally, albeit mere tokens.

3) We recognize that in the course of this long running Bangsamoro struggle, the development of a dynamic mass movement and the permeation of a unifying national consciousness among the Bangsamoro has remained lacking, if not, totally inadequate.

4) The democratic content of the struggle of the Bangsamoro has always been and still remains wanting. The role of the basic mass of the Moro people in the struggle is reduced only as mere well for support and warm bodies for mobilization. The stakeholdership of the Moro basic mass has been totally neglected both in the struggle and even during negotiations.


1) We bind ourselves to the statements stated above as true and factual.

2) To work for the development of an organized, independent, activist and dynamic Bangsamoro Mass movement.

3) The need to address the promotion of Bangsamoro solidarity and the propagation of the Bangsamoro national consciousness.

4) The Right to Self determination of the Bangsamoro must have democracy at its core ensuring the active and democratic participation of the Moro basic mass in the struggle and in all venues that requires their stakeholdership.


1) To arose, organize and mobilize the Bangsamoro for their democratic rights, welfare, concerns, issues, and aspirations for self-determination.

2) To promote solidarity among the Moro people and propagate the Bangsamoro national consciousness.

3) To establish links and alliance with other Moro organizations and promote solidarity among progressive Non-Moro organizations and individuals supporting the Bangsamoro struggle.


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